Cryptopop Art Guild Artist Highligh – Jeff Matthew Capinig

    July 28, 2022

    Jeff Matthew is not your average artist. He began his career as a digital illustrator 2 years ago as just a hobby when he noticed some of his friends love his art and wanted him to work on commissions like portraits, character illustrations, and other kinds.

    Without further ado, our next Artist Highlight for KOGs x Cryptopop Art Guild.

    What's your name?

    Jeff Matthew Capinig

    Where are you from?

    General Santos City, Philippines

    What piece or pieces did you create? What's the story behind each one?

    Fatal Flower - Flower Girls

    The story behind it is I want to go beyond the box of the theme which is why I composed this artwork that consists of a Japanese courtesan from the Edo period. I consider her a fatal flower due to the subject being very attractive with a beauty that looks so intoxicating that it gives you a sense of a beautiful rose laced with thorns. So mesmerizing that you got the feeling of getting stunned by it more of like a victim from a love potion that when you look at her, you feel love struck to the point of offering all you have for a meager amount of attention wherein, all in all, she was just there to lure us (viewer) onto a fake love through pleasure and come into possession of all we have.

    Teenage Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa is depicted as a simple noble lady with a mysterious smile so mysterious that we wonder about her thoughts. At that time, their thoughts were not considered by society.

    As for me, Teenage Mona Lisa is drawn with the idea of what a modern woman today can look like and thinks like. A woman can be so appealing yet so unsatisfied. Over centuries, women's image and roles have evolved tremendously from jobs to perspectives and that's why in this illustration I depict the subject as a beautiful facial appearance but has a constraint emotion since in today’s time women’s empowerment was still lacking in some aspects. Her body depicts her thoughts that are yet to be heard or shared while her clothes were the aspects women had already conveyed to the public. We can see through the actions of the subject that she was trying to uncover herself for her to reveal her other thoughts.

    How did you start in digital art?

    I started Digital Illustration just 2 years ago and back then it was just a hobby when this pandemic happened. I didn't have any traditional art materials left to use. Then I remembered that my father once owned a cheap pen tablet. I start posting my art online until some of my friends noticed it and they wanted me to work on commissions, like portraits and others. Then that is where it all began. It started to become serious and I applied for CPAG. It was a good time since my commissions slowed down and luckily, Cryptopop Art Guild accepted me.

    Describe your art style: 

    For me I had been craving many different art styles when I started digital illustrations like some artists in West Studios for their splash design, Philippine local artists like the artofeight for his portraits, and international artists who are especially well known on Instagram like WLOP on light approach, Samdoesarts on facial proportions, Rossdraws on effects, and ergojosh on perspective. So, yeah, my style was influenced by different artists, and it was made possible by doing my master’s studies. 

    What do you think are the most important characteristics of your art? 

    Anatomy, especially for my subjects to be accurate as possible as it can be.

    What was it like working on KOGs? 

    What I like about working with you guys is that there were a lot of themes to pick from for me to intertwine what I love to draw with what I'll be working on, and another thing is that how you guys give us plenty of time for us to execute our tasks with satisfaction.

    Where can we see your other works?

    I just started recently; I post my works on my Instagram which is at this link

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