Leaderboards Challenge Rewards - S2, S3, S4!

    March 16, 2022

    Get ready, Koggers! We’re making the Leaderboards Ranking events more frequent now! That means more chances to win KOINs!

    What can I get from Leaderboard Challenge events?

    You stand to get loads of KOINs when you get on the top 100 spots in the Most Multiplayer Wins leaderboard.

    When will the Leaderboards Challenge events happen?

    We're making the Leaderboards Challenges a weekly thing! Now you have a chance every week to earn KOINs!

    • Week 1 – March 30th 3PM GMT+8 (07:00 UTC) to April 4th 10AM GMT+8 (02:00 UTC)
    • Week 2 – April 6th 3PM GMT+8 (07:00 UTC) to April 11th 10AM GMT+8 (02:00 UTC)
    • Week 3 – April 20th 3PM GMT+8 (07:00 UTC) to April 25th 10AM GMT+8 (02:00 UTC)

    How do I join?

    Play KOGs: SLAM! during the Leaderboards Challenge seasons. The seasons starting in Build 1.1 will run for just 5 days. The fastest way to earn more KOINS!

    Free-to-Play Gamer? Use DEMO KOGs in Single Player and Multiplayer > Ranked Match

    You can't find the Demo KOGs in your My Collection? Don't worry. You can access them when you enter Single Player game modes and when you want to try our Multiplayer > Ranked Match.

    How do I earn KOINS?

    Be on the Top 100 ranking for Most Multiplayer Wins before the weekly challenge ends! Be quick, it’s only 5 days per week.

    When will I receive the KOINS?

    At the end of each week, if you’re in the Top 100, you will receive your KOINS within 48 hours after the week ends. For sure you will receive them before the next weekly challenge begins.

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