Leaderboards Ranking Challenge is back - Week 4-6

    May 06, 2022

    Get those throwing arms back in shape, Koggers - we're going for a hell of a ride in the next 3 weeks.

    Why should I join the Leaderboards Ranking Challenge?

    Because this is one way to buy KOGs NFTs in-game without spending money - use the KOINs you will win from the challenge!

    And there's a gazillion KOINs to be won!

    Well, not a gazillion, but 166,700 is a lot of KOINs. And that's how much we're giving away each week! 

    Just look at the rewards you're getting if you get in the top 100 spots in the Most Multiplayer Wins leaderboard.

    Sounds cool! So when do we start grinding?

    Just like last month, we have three weekly challenges this month. 

    • Week 4 – May 11 3PM GMT+8 (07:00 UTC) to May 16 10AM GMT+8 (02:00 UTC)

    • Week 5 – To be confirmed

    • Week 6 – To be confirmed

    I'm new here - where do I sign up?

    No event registration needed - just play KOGs: SLAM! in Ranked Match and Arena mode during the Leaderboards Ranking Challenge schedules, and you're in the running!

    If you're new, then stock up on coffee and energy drinks! Each weekly challenge will run for just 5 days, so you have to make the most of it! It's still the fastest way to earn more KOINs, true story.

    I just want to play for free. Can I still join the Leaderboards Ranking Challenge?

    Of course! Free-to-play gamers can play on Ranked Match right away - no need for KOGs NFTs! However, if you want to play on Arena, you need to get 40 KOGs NFTs and put them into a kogtainer.

    How do I earn KOINS?

    Be on the Top 100 ranking for Most Multiplayer Wins before the weekly challenge ends! Be quick - each challenge runs for only 5 days per week.

    When will I receive the KOINS?

    At the end of each week, if you're in the Top 100, you will receive your KOINS within 48 hours after the week ends. For sure you will receive them before the next weekly challenge begins.

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