KOGs Introduces New CHOOBs Staking Program for Earning New NFT Crafting Materials

    December 15, 2022

    Today, KOGs is launching a new platform that gives you the opportunity to stake your KOGs CHOOBs and gain a new type of reward: crafting materials for access to new KOGs packs and more. All you need to do is make CHOOBs, stake them, and relax until you get special collectible crafting materials that bring you one step closer to getting access to upcoming KOGs launches such as Grimspiel 2 KOGs packs. This CHOOBs staking platform will be a monthly event that will bring long-term benefits to the KOGs community.

    To introduce the KOGs community to this new feature, we are doing a soft launch for CHOOBs staking in December. You have between December 16 to 18 to complete your KOGs CHOOBs and stake them (staking window). The staking period starts on December 19 and ends on December 31, and you’ll receive your crafting materials by then. The more CHOOBs you stake, the more crafting materials you can earn.

    Moving forward, starting in January 2023, the monthly schedule for CHOOBs staking will be as follows:

    • 1st –5th of each month: Staking Window. Users will have 5 days to complete the tubes. Once users complete the tube, they also need to stake their tubes before our system starts the staking event.

    • 6th of each month (00:00 UTC - 07:00 am UTC+7): Staking event starts.

    • 6th until the last day of each month: Staking period. Users just chill and wait until the staking period ends.

    • Last day of each month: Staking event ends. Users can claim their crafting materials.

    This new promo is an exciting opportunity for our KOGs community to continue supporting our Grimspiel series of KOGs, while also encouraging people to trade KOGs among themselves to complete their CHOOBs and get more out of their KOGs collections. Eventually, as promo participants earn their crafting materials after staking their CHOOBs, they can also trade these crafting materials with each other to get closer to exciting goals such as owning new limited-edition KOGs packs, like the second edition of the popular Grimspiel series. Other benefits to this new CHOOBs staking include forging, redemption, pack sales, and more, which we will discuss in detail soon.

    Here’s how the new promo works:

    1. Visit https://app.kogs.gg to convert your collected KOGs into CHOOBs. We encourage you to trade for the KOGs that you need to complete your CHOOBs. Please take note that you need to have enough CPU resources when choobing up and that there is a fee of 5 WAX.

    2. Once you successfully completed your CHOOBs, go to the My Tubes section on the platform. You’ll see your completed CHOOBs there.

    3. On the My Tubes section, select the CHOOBs that you want to stake for this new promo. Do this by December 18 so that your CHOOBs can qualify for the staking period that begins on December 19, 00:00 UTC.

    4. Once this is done, you can see which CHOOBS you’ve staked on the My Stake page. All you need to do is relax and wait for the end of the staking period.

    5. Once the staking period ends on December 31, you can claim your staking rewards in the form of crafting materials by clicking on the Rewards page at https://app.kogs.gg.

    This new CHOOBs staking promo is just the first of many things we have in store for you in preparation for the eventual launch of the Grimspiel 2 KOGs collection. We’ll reveal more information about the crafting materials and other ways to get access to Grimspiel 2 in the coming days, to keep things more interesting for our community.

    For more information about this new promo and more exciting stuff we’re working on for KOGs, join our Discord and interact with the KOGs team and community. Happy collecting!

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