Staking 101

    KOGs Staking

    Staking is one of the many utilities of KOGs where you can earn RFOX tokens. In a nutshell, you’ll assemble qualifying sets then lock them in our ecosystem to earn RFOX tokens.

    Staked KOGs never leave your account, and you can release them at any time (thereby canceling your staking rewards).


    Proper combination of KOGs and Slammers is your ticket to generating revenue.

    So what types of qualifying sets are out there waiting for you to collect?

    We put together a handy cheat sheet to help you make sense of all the Supersets and Rainbows: KOGs Sets Guide.

    Looking for sets to complete for the next staking period?

    We got it here: Sets Guide - Special Edition & SLAM!

    In the next section, learn how to fill your tubes 'CHOOBS' with complete sets.


    You can either populate CHOOBs from within the My Collections page, or visit an external site to accomplish the task.

    No matter which method you choose, you’ll need to log into your WAX Cloud Wallet.

    Are you now logged into your WAX account? Let’s go!

    My Collections

    Just like you would on AtomicHub, log in to your account on the My Collections page.

    You should recognize this pop-up from all those times you logged into AtomicHub.

    Logging in displays your inventory and you can use the dropdown menus to find the NFTs you’d like to stake.

    In this example, we’re going to CHOOB a Foil Common KOG Rainbow set.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the NFTs you want to CHOOB. Keep clicking the ‘show more’ button if you have a large collection or simply use the filter on the left sidebar.

    After clicking on 2 of the matching items you’re CHOOBing up, the portal automatically begins counting and assembling the set.

    Keep clicking on KOGs or Slammers until the set is complete. Once you reach the set’s target number, hit the CREATE TUBE button:

    You’ll then be presented with a popup asking you to confirm the transaction and buy the CHOOB for a one-time fee of 5 $WAXP tokens. Freshly minted CHOOBs appear in your inventory shortly after approving transactions.

    Now, if you’d prefer to create CHOOBs in fewer click, follow along as we visit NFTHive.


    Once you locate the proper screen, sorting and CHOOBing your KOGs is easy. Visit the KOGs Sets Page on NFTHive to begin.

    Log into the site to get an overview of every KOG you own.

    Use the Filters feature on the left side of the page to get specific with your search, then click the Find button.

    Once found, use the Set Actions menu to reveal the CHOOBing options.

    Select high or low mints, then follow the prompts to create a new CHOOB.

    Okay, now that we’re all CHOOB’d up, let’s get to staking.

    Stake CHOOBs

    No matter where you created your CHOOB, staking is available only within our My Collections page.

    Navigate to the My Tubes tab, then click on the CHOOB you’re staking. Although inactive until the next staking window, clicking the STAKE TUBE button locks your NFTs away for 3 months as they generate $RFOX rewards.


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